FLYFAT 2019 - Price in CHF incl. VAT within Switzerland (7.7%)

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Hike & Fly

The DEAL... Get till 35% discount on preorder !

The GUMMFLUH S is now certified EN/LTF B !

Other sizes are certified with Load & Choc tests EN/LTF !

We propose you to get 25%, or 35% discount on pre-serial. Are you in ?

Offre limitée dans le temps et selon capacité de production. Quantités limitées !

This offer remains valid

The Hike & Fly wing by FLYFAT.CH

The GUMMFLUH is designed for leisure and Hike & Fly pilots. Design was directed by performances, safety and longevity. The glide ratio and the handling are nice, with a surprising weight.


The profile has been worked for long, in order to obtain a high lift ratio while keeping good performances in the wind. A slight "Shark Nose" keeps a stable pressure at the differents angle of attack. Lift and performances are present on this wing. The nose reinforcments are made with plastic rods, which gives a better outfit of the profile and enhances the performances.

Fabrics selected from Porcher Sport, and lines from Edelried and Liros permits us to create a light wing with a great longevity. 



Fabrics for Extrados : Porcher Sport Skytex 32

Fabrics for Intrados : Porcher Sport Skytex 27 

Fabrics for Profiles & Tensionnings : Porcher Sport Skytex 32

Risers: Mouka Tišnov  

Maillons : Peguet 

Lines :  Edelried - Liros 



- Underbag

- Compression belt

- Manual on USB stick

- Mini windsock (Swiss Made)

- You can customize the colours. (+220CHF/ttc)

Download: coming soon.